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There is a lot going on with The Sloping Companion these days.  We’ve been churning out designs and refining some of our older pieces to create new pieces of art for you to enjoy.  I’m writing today to give you an update on all of the current things we are working on at The Sloping Companion.  You can check out all of our items by clicking on the Etsy link at the top of this page or you can click on any of the pictures below and it will take you to that item for sale directly in our store.  Take a look at some of our latest offerings and if you like what you see then consider purchasing it to keep our project alive.  Everything helps and we are eternally grateful for all of the support that we have been shown since launching this project. Let’s get started!  There is a lot to get to in this post.  Sit back and come along for the ride. Listen – Read – Rage

Elisa Rose Mountain and The Sloping Companion teamed up to honor a song by Sound Tribe Sector 9 a while ago.  We depicted the song “And Some Are Angels” by developing a pencil sketch that Elisa hashed out into a pin.  The pin was well received within the community when we first dropped it and we have developed the idea into a 10 inch vinyl sticker and a limited edition run of prints that we are now also offering for sale. The prints measure in at 18 inches X 8 inches and look great on a wall. The pin was fashioned into an antique silver version and a colored version.  Many of them have been sold already but we do have a few more in stock so grab them while you still can! Click on any of the images to purchase the item or just jump on over to our Etsy site at the link on the top of this page to see the entire list of pieces that we are currently offering for sale.

And Some Are Angels Gold

Gold Version – Click To Buy

And Some Are Angels Silver

Silver Version – Click To Buy

Poster - Click To Buy

Poster – Click To Buy

10 Inch Sticker - Click To Buy

10 Inch Sticker – Click To Buy

Next up!  We have started working on a series of mandalas that represent Pretty Lights songs.  We have already developed five pins in the series and are trying to put our own unique spin on the song titles.  All five pins are for sale separately or you can buy all five of them at once at a discounted price.  The first one that we did was for the song “Looking For Love” and we did a colored version and a silver one as well of the same design.  The song title is etched into the back as well to identify the track.  The second mandala that we did in the series is for the song “Look Both Ways” and features the song title etched into the back in Hebrew. The third piece in the series of Pretty Lights songs is for the track “I Know The Truth” and once again has the name of the song etched into the back.  The back of this pin also has the Pretty Lights logo.  The fourth piece in the ongoing series is for the Pretty Lights track “My Other Love” and also has the song title on the back as an etching.  You can click on any of the pins below to purchase the item or click on the picture of the entire bundle to buy all five pins at a discounted price.  Thanks for checking it out.  We love Pretty Lights!

Pretty Lights - Looking For Love - Click To Buy

Pretty Lights – Looking For Love – Click To Buy

Pretty Lights - Looking For Love - Silver - Click To Buy

Pretty Lights – Looking For Love – Silver – Click To Buy

Look Both Ways - Click To Buy

Pretty Lights – Look Both Ways – Click To Buy

Pretty Lights - I Know The Truth - Click To Buy

Pretty Lights – I Know The Truth – Click To Buy

Pretty Lights - My Other Love - Click To Buy

Pretty Lights – My Other Love – Click To Buy

Pretty Lights Mandalas - All 5 Pins - Click To Buy

Gratefu Pretty Lights Mandalas – All 5 Pins – Click To Buy

We’ve released two new versions of our R2D2 pin projecting the Grateful Dead dancing bear head.  We have a blue glitter version as well as a white glitter variety.  We also have our other 1.0 version for sale as well in the store.  Collect all three and show your love for two of the greatest things to come out of American entertainment.  These pins have become wildly popular and we will keep on making them as long as we keep getting a strong response from the design.  Just click on any of the images to buy or hit up our etsy store at the top of this page!  Bleep blop meep erk blip blop.

R2D2 Deadhead Pin Blue Glitter - Click To Buy

R2D2 Deadhead Pin – Blue Glitter – Click To Buy

R2D2 Deadhead Pin - White Glitter -  Click To Buy

R2D2 Deadhead Pin – White Glitter – Click To Buy

R2D2 Deadhead Pin - Original Color - Click To Buy

R2D2 Deadhead Pin – Original Color – Click To Buy

Jonathon Blake and The Sloping Companion teamed up once again to drop one of our craziest designs to date.  It’s called Terrapin Rising!  We did a very limited number of pins on this one to see if there was any good feedback.  We have had a lot of love for this design so far and if you like the concept then please consider purchasing a pin to help our collective grow and evolve through the manifestation of art, awareness and love!  Click on the image to grab one before they skip out of our store.  Terrapin Rising!  Mad love to Jonathon Black and Crazyredbeard Productions!  We love you!

Terrapin Rising - Click To Buy

Terrapin Rising – Click To Buy

Sue Coccia and The Sloping Companion team up once again to release our flagship symbol that we lovingly call ELEVATE.  This pin depicts animals found within the lyrics of songs by the band Phish.  How many songs can you spot?  Proceeds from the sale of this pin go to help our non profit foundation of choice called The Mockingbird Foundation @  We have managed to raise over $1,673.00 for The Mockingbird Foundation through the generation of sales from our website since we lauched it two years ago and we aim to raise well over $1,000 dollars in 2014 towards our mission of supporting music eduction for the youth of the world.  Purchase this pin now on presale as version 2.0 and a portion of your order will go to The Mockingbird Foundation.  We will also reflect your name as a donor this year on our website.  You can see our running donations as they happen on our website by clicking on the Funds Raised section at the top of our page or just click here to take a look!  Thank you for your ongoing support!  Music eduction is very important to The Sloping Companion and we hope you can help out and get something cool in return.

ELEVATE - Animals Represented In Phish Lyrics - Click To Buy

ELEVATE – Animals Represented In Phish Lyrics – Click To Buy

We are excited to announce that we have produced a second release of our highly popular Phish “Reba” pin! This pin depicts several elements of the song.  This was one of the first pins that The Sloping Companion produced when we first launched our project and there was a really good response to it.  It was because of this love that we decided to make a second run of this design.  We rarely see this pin on boards for trade or for sale and that tells us that it is one of the more desired designs that people love and are not willing to part with so easily.  We have been asked several times to reproduce this pin and we are excited to make it available again to our fans.  Grab yours today before they sell out again! Bag it!  Tag it!  Sell it to the butcher in the store!

Phish Reba Pin - Click To Purchase

Phish Reba Pin – Click To Purchase

The Sloping Companion is proud to announce our first pin for The Disco Biscuits depicting our twist on their song “The City” that we know and love in our own Chicago way.  We take a metaphorical spin on the lyrics of the song and give it The Windy City treatment in our first ever The Disco Biscuits pin.  This is a limited edition pin that will be ready very soon so come on over to our store and lock in your piece before the on sale date drops. The song title is etched into the back of this pin and gives it a sentimental vibe for anyone that loves Chicago and The Disco iscuits as much as we do in our local family of artists and music lovers.  Grab one today!

The Disco Biscuits - The City Pin - Click To Buy

The Disco Biscuits – The City Pin – Click To Buy

We’ve got some new stickers and we’d like to ask our fans to take a step back before anyone goes out of their mind with the paradox of these two images.  I have spent a lot of time in both Chicago and Wisconsin over the years.  It’s because of this that I have developed an equal love and respect for both regions.  Our Chicago sports pins and stickers became so popular over the past year that some of my Wisconsin family began tapping me to do a Green Bay Packers design.  I decided to do it after enough bottles of New Glarus and debate with myself and others.  These are four inch vinyl stickers and are weather proof and very sturdy and well made.  Our website offers one sticker for sale but you can also purchase a five pack or a ten pack if you poke around on our Etsy.  We are also releasing more of our Paradise Waits stickers depicting the skyline and Chicago flag for the same deal. Can’t we all just get along?  Show some support for the lovely Midwest and grab some stickers.  It will help keep this machine moving forward! There is room in our hearts for both glorious states.  Click on either of the pictures to grab a few.  Again, thank you for the support this year!

Green Bay Packers - Grateful Dead Sticker - Click To Buy

Green Bay Packers – Grateful Dead Sticker – Click To Buy

Paradise Waits - Chicago Deadhead Sticker - Click To Buy

Paradise Waits – Chicago Deadhead Sticker – Click To Buy

Finally, we are super excited to announce another custom table that is for sale through the efforts of The Sloping Companion and Jessica Bone.  This hand painted and sealed end table is perfect for any Deadhead that you may know who also likes to show their Colorado pride.  This is a one of a kind end table that we made and is a scaled down version of one of our upcycled pieces that we featured months ago on our site. The reception to it was so large that we decided to make an end table too.  It is important to note that this was drawn and painted freehand and without the use of any stencils. It’s just waiting for the right buyer to come along and find it a home.  It can be yours.  Come check it out!

Colorado Deadhead End Table - Click To Buy

Colorado Deadhead End Table – Click To Buy

We want to once again thank everyone for showing all of their love over the past two years since we have been on this journey.  We have learned a lot of things through trial and error and there have been some bumps in the road but at the end of the day it has been extremely rewarding and a true blessing to have begun this project.  We will keep on doing our thing no matter what kind of complications or stumbling blocks may enter our path and we will do it to the best of our ability.  We will keep a steady pace with our mission of selfless service and will also try to donate as much money as we can to The Mockingbird Foundation this year so that we may exceed our goal of $1,000.00 combined with our previous efforts.  We cannot do it without you and we want you to know that you lift us up into a place that is enigmatic and revolving in an energy that makes us want to do more and refine our methods of adoration and light.  Stay tuned for more from The Sloping Companion – Listen – Read – Rage – Take care of each other.

Hello Kitty Phish





The Helping Friendly Book – 7 – Further Contact

Part 1 HFB Graphic

I Mention My Impending Entrapment

From the moment that I vanished and entered into the otherworld, I began to ruminate on my impending entrapment. I would say “I will be trapped on top of this mountain.  I will be unable to leave due to the tyranny of Wilson. The only individuals that will be able to approach me will be the brave of heart and strong of will. It will be the greatest challenge to all of Gamehendge and beyond! The earth will quake and the rocks shall fall down on all climbers!” One of the Lizard People approached me and was very confused.  He said, “How can this be?” He said, “You are the great and knowledgeable and will be protected by the Higher Authorities!”  I turned to the Lizard and said, “I am not in total control of this situation my friend.  This is where you are a bit confused. I am not your God nor am I better than any one of you that stand with me.  My brothers and sisters are united!  It is true that I have seen things beyond this world but you have seen things too with your own Lizard eyes! You have seen things that I cannot fully comprehend. This is where we need to intertwine. We must embrace our shackles!  The chains are long term!  They are part of the larger plan and will teach us humility in the way of the Higher Authorities.”

Then, I approached the friends and family that had gathered and said, “Who will prepare themselves now for the great migration of our minds?  If we prepare ourselves now then we will be able to defeat the tyranny and eventually lead all of our loved ones into the higher levels of existence. There are many things that you can give to prepare for the coming shadow. Do not surrender yourselves to the evil doers!  Surrender to the flow! The craft will arrive once it has left for a long period.  Many will think that it will never return. They will be suffered with a great tragedy during the shadow.  However, many will have phaith and will be rewarded with further insight and knowledge as we pass through the shadow together.  Behold the true family of light!”


I Sing to a Sick Lizard Child

When I came upon a village that I had yet to visit, an elder approached me and said, “Icculus!  The great and knowledgeable! My son is very sick and speaks of wanting to die because the pain is too much for him to deal with every day. You must speak with him. Instead, I approached the boy and sang a great tale of his land and his people. The boy was so enamored by the use of the oral tradition that a great light shined throughout his body and the resonation of the vibration of life instantly healed his illness.

The boy proclaimed that he didn’t have any more pain in his body and swore to become a student of the craft work. I took the small Lizard boy and brought him back to the mountain so that he could learn the way of the farmer.  These were the progressing spiritual masters of the time.

A Cosmic Coince-Dance

Some Lizard People had gathered at the foot of the mountain and asked me if they should be on the look out for anything in the near future.   I answered, “When the great lantern appears in the sky we will be blessed with a family member of the species of plant that we are currently growing. This species will make itself clear by the way of the craft on the following day. You will be amazed at the variety of plants that have been derived from this common yet enigmatic gift that grows from the ground. Upon the ingesting of our first harvest you will be able to predict things yourselves. Your inner voice will begin to guide you in ways that only the Higher Authorities can define fully within their scope of ultimate knowledge.  You will feel this inside of your body and it will heal you on every level imaginable. You will be able to perform at a very high frequency and will be able to interpret clearly the coming shadow and how it will change your lives as a unified force. Many of you will appear to do things that smart people don’t do but you must remain loyal to the wishes of the Higher Authorities because they will be the determining party in your future ascension and they will reward you with your wish in time. Learn to breed these plants with other members of their plant types. Tomorrow a great day will come. The hybrid on high is within us.” As I said this the sky lit up in a tremendous way.


The Seeds of the River and the Miracle of the Hybrid

When the Lizard farmers made their way to the river to study the wild plants the next day, they came to the conclusion that they would need to separate the males from the females in certain places so that they could get a more prominent flower. However, I taught them that they needed to keep some of the males and females together in an attempt to strengthen and propagate the ongoing cycle of life.  I said to them, “Respect these seeds; be on the lookout for any mutations that may take place. This may strengthen what we call the strain.” The farmers started to study and plan ways of strengthening the plants through the use of what I taught as hybrid techniques. They started to chat amongst themselves, “He says that there are stronger varieties in the lands beyond.” I heard what they were discussing, so I approached my family and said, “You must know that you have the power to strengthen these plants by your own skills. You do not need to look as far as you think to create new varieties. The harvest is almost upon us! It is time to proclaim your faith to the Great Mystery and the magnificent journey which we are about to embark on as a unified family of light.”


We are beginning to understand this journey together. The teachers have become the students and the students have become the teachers. Do not forget the seeds that grow inside of these plants. Take them and use them in your own homes. Learn the lessons of this glorious plant. You have witnessed the growth of our controlled farming projects. Fill up your hearts with the light that these plants will provide upon the first harvest! It is becoming perfectly clear that more and more people are turning towards the harvest as a way to come together. We will seek protection and inner guidance through ingesting the flame. The time is almost upon us!”

Just then the craft appeared and the ground shook and we felt the vibration of life.  It instantly cleared out a patch of land. A couple weeks passed and in that same spot near the river where this patch had manifested, a new breed of the plant began to grow. The vibration of life was sealed within us.  This is the way it sounded.

This plant looked similar to what the Lizard People were growing but had a darkish purple hue to the leaves after a few weeks. They would go on to use these seeds with the female plants of their homeland.  It was then that began the sparking of a new and exciting breed of a plant.  A stronger farmer would be created.  A hybrid would be born and ultimately a stronger union. 


Pin Drops – “Lost Sailor” & STS9 “And Some Are Angels” Pretty Lights “Looking For Love” & “Look Both Ways” Released Today – Limited Editions – Yeah!

Now on Sale – And Some Are Angels – Sound Tribe Sector 9 Pin – Gold & Silver Variants. $18.00 shipped. Click on the pictures below to purchase the pin via our Etsy site.  Clicking on the image will take you right to the purchase site or you can view our whole spectrum by clicking on the Etsy navigation at the top of this page. We have a very limited amount because half of these sold during our personal best presale.  It blew our minds to see how well received this design was with the community.  Thank you! Also, check out an awesome version below of STS9 playing this song live if you get a moment. Tribe!

Click Picture To Purchase

Click Picture To Purchase Gold Variant

Click Picture To Purchase Silver Variant

Click Picture To Purchase Silver Variant

This is one of my favorite Grateful Dead songs and I was super excited to work on this project with my friend Jeremy Ironhill. This is a mashup between the great tune found on the album Go To Heaven – “Lost Sailor” sung by the one and only Bob Weir – A mashup of Gilligan’s Island and an epic Grateful Dead tune. Grab them now as this is a limited edition hat pin!  just click on the image to purchase the pin via our Etsy site or you can click on the Etsy navigation at the top of this page to see our entire current inventory.  Take care of each other!  Check out a great video below of this song being performed.

Click The Picture To Purchase This Pin!

Click The Picture To Purchase This Pin!


Compass card is spinning, helm is swinging to and fro
Oh, where is the dog star, oh, where’s the moon.
You’re a lost sailor, been away too long at sea.

Somedays the gales are howling, sometimes the sea is still as glass.
Oh, raise the main sail, oh, lash the mast.
You’re a lost sailor, been away too long at sea.
Now the shorelines beckon, there is a price for being free.

There’s a sea bird cryin’ and there’s a ghost wind blowing
And it’s calling you, to that misty swirling sea.
Till the chains of your dreams are broken,
No place in this world you can be.

You’re a lost sailor, been away too long at sea.
Now the shorelines beckon, there is a price for being free.

You pay for being free, I’ll tell ya freedom don’t come easy,
Free don’t always come for free,
Sometimes it’s hard to know what to believe in.

Where to go, who to go, where to be, who to be.
That means you’re driftin’…. driftin’
Yeah driftin’ and dreamin’, really goin’ on a dream now.
Really goin’ on a feelin’, really goin’ on a feelin’.
Driftin’, driftin’ and dreamin’.

Cause it’s a place you’ve never been
Maybe a place you’ve never seen now
You can hear them callin’ on the wind
Driftin’ and dreamin’, driftin’ and dreamin’.
Really goin’ on a dream now, really goin’ on a dream now,
Really goin’ on a dream now.

Pretty Lights! Looking For Love – Welcome to a new series with The Sloping Companion.  Click on the picture to purchase the pin via our etsy site or click above as we previously suggested to see our entire lineup of pins.  We have begun to issue a series of song specific mandalas to celebrate the music of Pretty Lights. This is the color variant in Part I and represents the Pretty Lights song “Looking For Love” that so many people enjoy out of the Pretty Lights library. Etched on the back of the pin is the song title “Looking For Love” and the front pretty much explains itself tying both sides together.

Click the image above to purchase this pin

Click the image above to purchase this pin

I have a massive affinity for electronic music and have produced several pieces in this genre myself. We love what Pretty Lights does with the ever evolving scene and this is our way of celebrating the track listing of Pretty Lights. Enjoy and stay tuned for more song depictions from The Sloping Companion. Check out the track below.  It’s “Looking For Love” from Pretty Lights.  The seeded inspiration for our first Pretty Lights pin.

We also have a silver variety for sale in the series.  Click the picture below to purchase it off of our Etsy site.

Click the image above to purchase this pin!

Click the image above to purchase this pin!


Pretty Lights “Look Both Ways” pin – This is Part II and represents the Pretty Lights song “Look Both Ways” that so many people enjoy out of the Pretty Lights library. Etched on the back of the pin is the song title “Look Both Ways” in Hebrew and the front pretty much explains itself tying both sides together. This pin may seem a bit cryptic and confusing to those that have not studied the Old Testament. However, not every pin is for everyone so we hope this resonates with those that can get their head around the message we were trying to get across. Please click the image below to purchase this pin and thank you for all of your support.

Click the above image to purchase this pin.

Click the above image to purchase this pin.


Pin Drop – Doublet Soup – Nicole Roach

Now on sale! Doublet Soup! $15.00 shipped via paypal to – Please include the message Doublet Soup or check out our etsy link for a direct purchase @

Click the image to purchase

Click the image to purchase

Doublet Soup. This is a soup that you can learn from. The doublets present you with a future scenario if you gaze into their “windows”. Dine while reflecting on what they’ve shared. Doublets also love to sing for you inbetween uses.

Methodology – Boil the doublets with your soup. High temperatures do not harm them. Serve in a transparent vessel. Remove the doublets before eating the soup. They can be kept as pets and reused.

Welcome to the world of Nicole Roach . Nicole is an artist out of Chicago, Illinois and is currently developing a Science Fiction Cook Book where the doublets reside. This is taken from an illustration of the developing project and you can expect much more from Nicole and The Sloping Companion. Each pin comes with a commemorative card explaining the doublet and the imaginative world of Nicole Roach. Stay tuned for more and support grass roots artists!

Click to purchase

Click to purchase

Pretty Lights Pin Presale – Look Both Ways

The Sloping Companion presents another Pretty Lights pin presale. This is part II in our series and is entitled – Look Both Ways – Look Both Ways is translated in Hebrew on the back of the pin and has an obvious message to some and maybe a bit too cryptic of one to others.  However, we hope it resonates with some of our fans and it is important to note that “Look Both Ways” is one of our favorite songs in the Pretty Lights library. We did a limited edition of 100 of these pins in our ongoing PL Mandala series and wanted to do something special for our brothers and sisters in the scene. 1 pin is on sale right now for $12.00 and 2 pins are going for $20.00 in this presale. Each order gets a free secret Pretty Lights pin when you buy in presale as a way of saying thank you for supporting our efforts. Spread the word and tell your tribal friends. Look Both Ways. You are loved.  תראה שני דרכים Paypal to and please include in the message body the name of the pin that you want and the quantity.  Please contact me directly for deals on multiples!

Paypal to

Paypal to

R2D2 Projecting The Dancing Bear Pin Drop – Version 2.0

Now on sale – Our Version 2.0 R2D2 projecting a Grateful Dead Dancing Bear. This version measures in at 1.5 inches and is smaller than our 1.0 version. It looks smaller actually too because of the cutouts. Looks sick just about anywhere! $12.00 for one – $20.00 for 2 Shipped! Free secret sticker and pin with every purchase! Please paypal to and include the message R2D2 Bear and the quantity you want when you send the payment. Message me privately for a sick deal on multiples! We are grateful!  Keep the spirit alive in the rich traditions.


The Philler – Episode 13 – The Official 1995 Niagara Release Review & Timbre

The Simpsons Phish Bill Clinton

The Simpsons – Phish – Bill Clinton

It was 1995.  I had graduated High School in 1994.  I had already become a massive Phish fan.  It was my first time to cross state lines to see a Phish concert.  In 1995 we also had a government shut down.

Some things change and some things will always remain the same.

It was 1995 – The World Trade Organization was started.  Mississippi ratifies the 13th amendment becoming the last state to approve the abolition of slavery.  We experience the Oklahoma city bombing.  In September, the DVD media format is announced.  O.J. Simpson is found not guilty of double murder.  In October, the Carolina Panthers win their first regular season game by defeating the New York Jets.  NASA loses contact with their Pioneer 11 probe.  The Nasa Galileo probe also begins to enter Jupiter’s atmosphere.  American actor Ed Flanders passes away on February 22nd.  It’s also the first year I experience my first of several LSD trips.

Phish Niagara Falls 1995 Release Cover Art

It was 1995 – Phish had reached the peak moment of their unbridled and relentlessly manic approaches on stage towards some of their known songs at the time.  I traveled to Red Rocks to see my first Phish concert.  It was the year that I was introduced to tripping.  The gate had opened.  I would never be the same.

Niagara Falls has a natural advantage as long as the exploitation of it does not expand past the magic of the natural advantage that it contains.  What is the gauge?  How do you know when you have imprinted your human thing on something to the point where that something falls over the edge and into a place where it no longer holds the intrinsic magic that made it attractive in the first place?  Niagara Falls has been through a lot since the white settlers came and tried to scheme their way into manipulating the mouth of God.   Why should we turn Niagara Falls into a commodity?  What is the threshold that we cross when the natural beauty takes a back seat to the neon lights and the airbrushed t-shirts and pressed pennies?  We should hear, see, smell, breathe and ingest the natural beauty of our natural gifts like the mouth of God.  However, we are modern humans and modern humans have to humanize their world to a great extent in order to feel comfortable.  This is the world we live in today.  I feel there should be a balance.  I know there is a balance.  There must be a balance.  Enjoy this journey with me as we take a look at the latest Phish release hitting stores November 12th, 2013.  Click the play button above and take care of each other.

Phish 1995 Niagara Falls


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